Company Profile


Since inception in 2008, Mindskillz has grown to be a trusted partner par excellence across industry verticals. We identify and induce a LEARNING ENVIRONMENT that nurtures people development

Our partnership with Innotiimi, Finland, has enhanced our specialized portfolio of training with increased years of experience and global perspective.

We design and roll the RIGHT LEARNING INTERVENTION that fosters self enhancement initiatives

Our interventions carry the distinct flavor of experiential and creative learning methodologies.


The techniques we use:

  • Narrative transfer practices
  • Mentorship
  • Training Need Analysis
  • Guided Experience
  • Guided Experimentation
  • Work Shadowing
  • Paired work
  • Community of practice
  • Kirkpatrick methodology of Evaluation

Formal methods:

  • Classroom sessions
  • Role Plays
  • Case studies
  • On the job training and observation with feedback

Non Formal Methods:

  • Off-the-field learning
  • On Job Training
  • Assignments and discussions

Pan India presence in 33 locations with a faculty strength of 150+ with multilingual competency. Over 10,000 trainings conducted till date.

A window to our learning interventions:

  • The E.D.G.E – Evolve, Develop, Grow Everyday life skills module for youngsters
  • STEP UP! – For college students
  • Wellness Program for lifestyle adjustments in adults

Entry Level Management:

Campus to Corporate, Grooming & Corporate Etiquette, Business Communication, Enhanced Conversational Skills, Communication Skills, Business Writing Skills Presentation Skills, V&A Neutralization, Customer Service Excellence Programs, Professional Selling Skills, Time & Stress Management, Interpersonal Skills.

Middle Management:

Performance Management, Customer Centricity, Time and Stress Management, Emotional Intelligence, Building
relationships across borders, Interviewing Skills, Personal and Professional Effectiveness, Coaching & Mentoring, Team Building, Out Bound Learning, Creativity and Innovation.

Senior Management:

Leadership, Effective Coaching skills & Feedback, Change & Risk Management, Analytical & lateral thinking, NLP, Planning & prioritization, Decision making, Lateral thinking, Instructional Design, Outbound sessions, Edward De Bono’s Six thinking hats, Performance Management, Negotiation and Motivational Skills, Motivation & Emotional Intelligence.