Corporate Social Responsibility

Mindskillz associates itself with corporate-social responsibility through initiatives integrated with social change and empowerment through various programs listed below.

  1. Art Mantram ( Vice President)
  2. Civil Defence ( Division Warden- 36) – Indiranagar and Ulsoor Area, Bangalore.
  3. Rotary Bangalore Diamond District –– active social worker
  4. WOW- Women Orbiting Women!


CivilDefence-sThe concept of Civil Defence owes its origin to erstwhile ARP Organisation raised and operated during World War II (1939-45) to safeguard the life and property of the civilian population and also to maintain the continuity of productive and economic activity of the nation during war time crisis. The ARP Organisation worked commendably during World War II. After the end of the war in 1945, the Organisation was winded up.

The Civil Defence concept once again got a proper thrust immediately after Sino-Indian conflict during October, 1962. The post of DGCD was created and first DGCD was appointed on 14th November, 1962.

Civil Defence aims at saving life, minimising damage to the property and maintaining continuity of industrial production in the event of an hostile attack.

The Civil Defence Policy of the Government of India till the declaration of emergency in 1962, was confined to making the States and Union Territories conscious of the need of civil protection measures and to ask to them to keep ready civil protection paper plans for major cities and towns under the then Emergency Relief Organisation (ERO) scheme. Chinese aggression in 1962 and Indo-Pak conflict in 1965 led to a considerable re-thinking about the policy and scope of Civil Defence. As a result, the Civil Defence Policy as it exists today, was evolved and Civil Defence legislation was enacted in the Parliament in 1968. The country was subjected to further hostile attacks from Pakistan in December, 1971 when the Civil Defence Organisation acquitted itself commendably.


artmantra2Based in Bangalore, ArtMantram is a non-profit organization actively involved in promoting contemporary Indian Art. With a vision that is simple yet profound, ArtMantram aims to touch the lives of as many people as possible through the medium of Art. Offering a platform to encourage Art and lending a hand to address burning social issues, it seeks to bring a tiny change in the Thinking and Attitude of a nation that has dramatically developed in every other aspect, since Independence. Thus, making Art a pivotal part of everyone’s everyday life.

Since ArtMantram believes that the Youth of India is indispensable to the progress of our country, children, or the “budding artists”, of today shall be given a designated corner to contribute their own works of Art to express themselves in a healthy way. All art materials will be provided to the artists, including paper and poster colours for the children.

Art is of the people, with a relevance far beyond galleries and museums. Artists and professionals set up Mantram Art Foundation in 1999 to promote art by increasing public access and engaging with contemporary social issues through art. The intent is to create a milieu that is socially responsive and relevant.

Mantram Art Foundation and ArtMantram have created over 200 events ranging from the six-week, city-wide festival Bangalore International Art Festival to local street and school children’s art education and sensitisation. The Annual Mantram Achievement Awards to Women in Arts and Literature is now a well-established prize.

Mantram’s art shows promote young artists and established masters to audiences in India and abroad. Our artist camps introduce new techniques like solar etching, and provide retreats for artists across the SAARC region.

Mantram organises engagement with other arts including music, dance, theatre and craft through our baithaks, events and cultural festivals.

On a Philanthropic note, ArtManram’s projects and initiatives have played a key role in empowering the abandoned girl child and providing educational support to the underprivileged and disabled children in Karnataka, Faridabad, and Arunachal Pradesh.


With the initiative of spreading awareness and hoping to make a significant change in each one’s lifestyle, Art Mantram conducted Art Sunday, held at Cubbon Park on 26th June, 2016, from 11 am to 1 pm, providing the opportunity of watching 12 artists, Junior to Senior, paint their work LIVE. A lot of Artists, Art Lovers, patrons of Art, came to Band Stand in Cubbon Park on Art Sunday!

WOW- Women Orbiting Women

wowlogoThis is a Kitty / Fund of social impact investors.We meet once a month in one of our houses, and contribute towards a selected Micrograam project . The WoW Change makers meet to help rural women entrepreneurs augment their livelihood…

The WOW Group……

Wow Group

Rotary Club

Rotary’s commitment to ‘Service Above Self’ has been channeled through the Avenues of Service, which form the foundation of club activity. Our club carries out a number of activities in these areas. either click the tab on top of the page or the name of the avenue below for details of the services in that avenue.

Rotary Bangalore Diamond District has executed a number of projects over the period. You may click on Avenue of Service in the left column for further details. Some major projects are described below

The website –

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As a social responsibility initiative, when in July 2016, the transport bus network was on strike,  our founder Cavita Mehra was on duty for mitigation of issues in the city.