Our Methodology

Our Methodology incorporates:

TNA (Training Need Analysis)methodology2

TNA is done to assess an organization’s training needs. Some of our tested and successful TNA methodologies include mystery shopping, participants’ profiling, performance sampling, mystery telephone audits, questionnaire etc. We have successfully analyzed the need of the hour for our client, which has helped us deliver our sessions successfully.
Our assessments are tailor made as per client requirement to understand and analyze participant’s behavioural patterns.  The learning is captured in the session to get the maximum benefit out of the training. We follow a 360 Degree Assessment methodology to evaluate the impact of our training sessions.

Several Needs Assessment techniques which we follow are:

  • Direct observation
  • Questionnaires
  • Consultation with persons in key positions, and/or with specific knowledge
  • Interviews
  • Work samples

Mystery Audits

A mystery audit is a reflection of where your teams stand vis-a-vis the expectation of the customers. Mystery Audits are a section of training need analysis which is usually not given the importance that it deserves. These reports are shared with the organization and acts as a part of the pre-assessment.

The second Mystery Audit is done post 8 weeks of training and works more as a post assessment.
A consolidated report on what has worked well and what needs improvement is shared with the Organisation. Yet another success story which reflects the passion we have for developing people.

OJT (On Job Training)

This is carried out at the work place by coaching and mentoring participants to implement the key learning. On Job Training is the stage where we handhold our participants to make sure that they are on the right path to ‘success’. We support and provide feedback to make sure that the development towards success is easier and quicker for the participants. The OJT has been one of Mindskillz’s success stories and we have our clients who will speak for the effectiveness of this methodology. This methodology works as a reflection for the participants on what they have taken back from the sessions.

PTA (Post Training Assessment)

We provide a detailed post training report with keen observations from the trainer and further programs recommended. We identify and quantify learning implementation based on need and questionnaire administration amongst other tools used. Post Training Assessment not only helps the client to see the growth in the performance of the participants, but also helps them to analyze as to what is the next step of action needed to maintain the consistence in the performance drawn from the training.

Training Follow-up

Any Training which does not have a follow-up action or a monitoring system seems to fade with time. The participants not being challenged on their new learning quickly fall back into their comfort zones. Mindskillz, understands the need of the participants and the support they need to bring their learning to work so we also give the organization a training follow-up plan. We will request for a follow-up on any training given to the teams with in the first quarter after the session. A refresher is provided to the participants if need be. We are one of those training organizations who follow the Kirkpatrick methodology of training evaluation, so it is only fair that we enroll the managers and the management into the learning as we work with their teams for skill improvement.

Customized Training

At Mindskillz, we believe in tailor made the training content to suit as per the needs of the Clients and the participants. We derive at the Custom made training is with the help of the Training Need Analysis (TNA) reports where we run a 360 Degree assessment on the Participants in sync with the Client’s needs.

Modules are developed with prominence to different Adult learning and Social Styles, helping the participants to adapt to the Learning Modules and provide a need based result accompanied by Consistency. At Mindskillz while Customizing the Modules we keep in mind multiple learning theories like auditory, kinesthetic and visual.

Workshops & Seminars

Mindskillz goes beyond the foray of training to organize interactive workshops and knowledge sharing seminars providing a forum to meet and network with like minded people across various verticals. Participants get an insight to the best practices and innovations from the subject matter experts from the industry.