E-learning is passé.

Welcome to M-learning!

The new magic mantra.

Brought to you by Mindskillz.

What the numbers say

  • IDC estimates that 87% of connected devices by 2017 will be smart phones and tablets.
  • Number of people who carry a mobile communication device is estimated to be 875.48 million
  • In 4 years, smart phones and tablets will outsell desktops, notebooks and net-books  which is why leading tech companies world over are focusing on mobile technology.

The unsurpassed growth in mobile technology has lead to increase in social interaction and Mobile Learning

  • Mobile learning makes up about 9.3% of the overall training in an organization
  • The content that is specifically developed for mobile learning is 13%

M – Mantra is the future of Learning & Development

Our USP is “learn on the move”

Mobile capabilities enhance learning through

  • Interaction and collaboration
  • Creation of a learning community
  • Providing access to a variety of online resources
  • Allowing new skills or knowledge to be applied immediately
  • Enabling training when it is needed

The approach

  • Mindskillz will provide the platform for training post the basic training
  • You (Company) will provide the content and the relevant material for the products and services to its employees through our platform
  • Employees will benefit from the programme

FAB(ulous) three

  • This is the second level of training to the employees who have finished their class room training with us
  • Providing “just-in time” access to information
  • Cost Saving
  • Enhanced customer service
  • Constant reiteration and updates on learning
  • Better selling opportunities
  • Creating a learning community
  • Highly engaged employees
  • Satisfied employees

We at Mindskillz believe in innovation. We commit ourselves to bring new, revolutionary ideas for our clients’ benefit.


Always  in forefront  to embrace emerging technologies


Innovative methods to learn, develop and improve


Commitment towards our clients to provide path breaking trends  in  learning & development

The product is based on SaaS (Software as a Service)

  • Easy to assimilate information
  • Wider reach
  • User Friendly
  • Frequent Updates
  • Easy & Secure access for authorized personnel
  • Constant monitoring through Web analytics
  • Access to our rich knowledge bank
  • Access to discussion forums and chat rooms
  • Available on IOS, Android and Windows platforms