Outbound Training


Out Bound Learning:

Mindskillz not only caters to Indoor training, but also believes in the concept of Practical learning.
An outbound program helps reinforce group bonding, cohesiveness and acts as a motivation for participants. Mindskillz uses the invaluable concepts of Experiential learning and kinesthetic learning.

It consistently helping trainees gain immediate, powerful insight into their own and their team’s work styles/ behavior. Participants are made to go through various outdoor activities where they will be required to face challenging situations as individuals and teams.

This will help them see the importance of communication, leadership, teamwork, planning and delegation. Many consider outbound training as one of the best platforms for personality development, confidence building and team building.

Instructors are highly qualified and have done advance courses in mountaineering & high priority will be given to safety by using suitable equipments.

Course pre-requisites

“Open Mind” is a critical prerequisite.

  • Willingness to adapt to the timings as suggested by the facilitators.
  • Willingness to take reasonable risks and experiment with oneself.

A list of programs that usually work well using the ‘Outbound’ methodology is given below. The Experiential Learning has:

  • Nature and Adventure Awareness Camp
  • High Altitude Expeditions – Trek, Mountaineering
  • Nature Trial
  • Bird Watching
  • River Crossing
  • Rock Climbing
  • Canoeing
  • Kayaking
  • Wall Climbing


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